Monday, July 28, 2008

Softies for Mirabel ebay auctions, round one...

Wow, I was excited to see my trio of Matryoshka dolls sitting up very nicely and proud to be on auction on Ebay at the moment for the "Softies for Mirabel Appeal" (round one). Take the time to have a look at the wonderful handmade softies on auction at the moment. The auctions will benefit a wonderful cause "The Mirabel Foundation" so go on, make plenty of bids to help those poor kids and their families.
We must also say a big thank you to everyone at "Meet me at Mikes" for organising everything for the softies and the auctions.

I finished the girls on the weekend. A couple are on the website and a few will be added to Etsy. I'm very pleased with how they turned out this time around.

I hope everyone had a great weekend depite the freezing temperature. (It was 7 degrees here brrrrr...)
Now, go and check out those auctions for "Mirabel"!
Kathryn. XX


Alison Gibbs said...

Kathryn these are beautiful

vintagebella ~ andrea said...

Those are so cute! I just love to sew too! 7 degrees? where are you alaska??!

Kate said...

Your dolls are beautiful. Isb;t it such a great cause! I love that we can raise money for something by making softies.