Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch Box Tote!

I had a lady request a "lunch box tote" the other day!
I had no idea what one was until I did a search on google to find out. (thickie!)
Anyway , it's just a simple little bag big enough to put your lunch into, to carry to work. Great idea and one that I hadn't given a second thought to.
Now this lovely lady will have a great looking little tote to carry her lunch to work in.
I only have to make the base and voila, off in the post tomorrow.
Too cute.


andrea said...

hi kathryn...love all your goodies...tooo clever for me!! love the slide show and left a little message...my son loved the dolls and will give them to some japanese "girl" friends when he gets to japan in mid sept..I am now looking at the ballet bag for my neigbours little girl...OOH I wish i had a little girl to decorate a room in ALL your things!! maybe a grandaugher in about 15 years..MINIMUM!! xx andrea

Jelly Wares said...

The lunch tote looks gorgeous, great job!!

Jodie :)