Thursday, August 21, 2008

What email problems??

Woah, after delving into the depths of the computer, hubby discovered over 800 emails sitting in cyber space all because (he) didn't click one box in his email settings. So, yes it is all his fault that I have been becomming increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate with you lot out there!!!
This had been going on for weeks mind you and I kept saying
"but there is something wrong - I'm not getting my emails from ebay, etsy, order notifications from my website or paypal"
(and you all know how important that is)
and he'd say
"yes, but all the settings are right"
Oh yeah right!!!
Well, now they are right!
Email away.....Kathryn. (phew!)


andrea said...

dear kathryn..i did try to send a few emails etc,.but knowing me,,it was probably my fault if they didnt get through..I wanted to let you know that the "GIRLS" arrived ages ago..and ARE GORGEOUS..I have a new laptop..and am strugglimg with it diff keypad re typing..etc etc....i am struggling with it...but shall get there in the end!! has taken me 15 min to type this! XX ANDREA


YEAH ! and about 700 of those emails were me !!! LOL, just kidding..but i did send a few...and re-send..and re-send....

glad you got it sorted chickie!

Oh and Shane would be the same too dont worry, except he'd say i did something wrong !



trashalou said...

Wow! 800!! That's a lot of Amazon and Esty love ;-)

Anonymous said...

GGGRRRR!!! I know how you feel!!!! Hope it's all up and running now!!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh what a pain! Hope it's all resolved now!!

M ^..^

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Kathryn, oh the pains of technology - I hate it really! Thanks for visiting my blog, yours looks lovely too, I've put you in my sidebar also.
Lucy x

Kate said...

Glad you have it fixed - computers can be so frustrating.