Friday, September 26, 2008

Being creative 6 years ago....

6 Years ago yesterday (the 25th) this little guy arrived on the scene!
He had black hair that soon turned a wierd gingery colour, then blonde....

He was as cute as a button!
- someone stopped me in the street once and said "if that's the way your kids turn out you should have a lot more"-
....Mmmm, no, two is enough for me....
I made the outfit he has on in this photo which was taken on his 1st birthday. Red is still his favourite colour.
He is still as cute as a button regardless of the "skull" T-shirt he had to have for his birthday...

What do you do when you ask a 5 year old,
"What would you like for your birthday?" and he says
"um..a skull T-shirt and a Tamagotchi hee hee"
I picked the "best" one I could find. What is it with boys clothes and skulls?
When I went to find this "skull T-shirt" there was an endless supply of them and most of them were really awful!!
I managed to find one that was a bit like a pirate T-shirt - at least that is what I tell myself!!

And I have been given an award by Tatania of "Little Mysteries", isn't it pretty?

I shall have to do all of my "passing on" of awards in another post - I am making a bag for a lady in Italy today so I had better remove myself from the computer and get cracking!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Kathryn. XX


Kate said...

Happy Birthday to him! Great job on finding a not too bad skull shirt!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I can't believe he had such dark hair and is now blonde! What handsome little guys you have!
By the way, I love the shabby chic stocking on your older posts-BEAUTIFUL!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Now that is a work of art!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

Hey there I hope you son had a FAB birthday he certainly looks like he enjoyed his cake!!
Time does fly doesnt it they grow up just too quickly!!
have a great weekend and congrats on the award!!

Rachelmp said...

I hope he has a great birthday. Doesn't it fly! I'm not allowed to have any more than 4 :(

Noémia said...

Happy birthday to him and congratulations to you, he is a nice little boy. You must enjoy each moment because time fly. :)

marie said...

What a sweet boy! Happy Birthday to him!!

That baby picture of him is so cute!

SherryRoseBella said...

Your son was a beautiful baby and now a handsome little boy! I have 3grown sons & let me tell you, the time goes by so very fast!!! Cherish every second with him!

Julie said...

Skull shirts are all the rage here too! Some of them are kind of scary but the kids wearing them are still sweet. (I teach 11 and 12 year olds.) Your son IS cute as a button.


HAHAHA love the skull t.shirt ! What a darlin he is :)
Sams requests are anything with Ben 10 or Transformers....oh how i miss the Winnie The Pooh days..LOL.

They grow up too fast huh?

Hope you guys are having a gorgeous weekend chickie .

Luv Shann x

andrea said...

dear cute!! as I have said before enjoy it all now as I remember when my boys were cute litle 6 year olds..I think boys are at their cutest between being a baby and 10 yrs old!! although i still think my two adult "BOYS" are cute!!
beautiful weather isnt it??
keep up the beautiful work..
xx andrea