Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Dolly!!

And here she is...."Camille"

I found the embroidered trim whilst rummaging through my stash this morning and I knew it had to be used for a new Matryoshka doll. The trim is VERY vintage - I think I remember having a dress made from it when I was very little!

I made this doll larger than the other ones I have made in the past. The colours are not very "Shabby Cottage" but I thought they went really well with the trim.
She turned out nicely I think!
Kathryn. XX
PS. More on the wreath tomorrow!! It is harder than I thought!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Camille is just lovely - what a great use for your vintage trim!

Hen said...

That's really lovely, the face is beautiful, you clever lady! I love the colours.
Hen x

SG said...

I love your doll! The colours coordinate very well with the trim!

Nancy said...

Camille is very pretty. I like the colors you chose and the trim is very pretty. I may remember it from my early years. My mom made alot of my dresses.

Quilting_Basket_Case said...

I love your blog--and these dolls. I'm a huge pink/green fan, also. I could add to my bedroom decor with all of the pink/green ideas I've seen on your blog.

I've got to find the matryoshka doll pattern--it is darling!

Where did you get yours?



NoƩmia said...

She isn't very Shabby Cottage, the colors I mean :), but she is very lovely!

Selina said...

She's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kerryanne English said...

Camille is very cute. Maybe not shabby, but we all need a change from our usual work (and clours) occassionally.

Nicky said...

Hi from Belgium,
What lovely stuff you make. I am sure to go and look in your Etsy shop and read some more in your blog!

Cotton Picker said...

A very sweet doll.

Anonymous said...

Camille is lovely, and I think the fabric is so adorable. I like the turquoise and red. Very cheery. You did such a good job.

Alison Gibbs said...

Kathryn what a sweet little doll