Thursday, November 6, 2008

Carpe Diem

I have a had a headache for the past few days.
(yep secret women's business - gosh it's hard being a woman sometimes)
I dread them more than "the curse" which some of you may find it hard to believe.
So, with that in mind, I was soooo pleased when I dropped my boys off at school this morning. They woke up in the silliest of moods - both of them running around the house like headless chickens and generally driving me, and my headache, up the wall. I drove up to the school gates and said to myself "here you go, you can have them....", then drove a way with a smile on my face. Does that make me an awful Mum? No, just a sane one (for 7 hours anyway!!)

So here I am sitting, peacefully, at the computer wondering what on earth I can show you today...
I have a big pile of dishes on the sink from last night (because I just felt like cr*p and didn't want to do them) but you don't want to see those.
Perhaps we need something cheery?

Ok, what about me in another life travelling the world, footloose and fancy free in my 20's....that always cheers me up...

London '94.

I had worked, for 15 months to save up, in a little place called Halls Gap in the Grampians National Park here in Victoria. With nothing to spend money on it was the perfect place to save up for my "dream". I had had this dream since my parents took me overseas at 13. I was an only child and feel very privileged to have been at that age. I left Aussie soil, at the age of 21, and didn't return until nearly 3 years later.
I really want to win the Lottery so I can take my boys overseas to all the places I (and Hubs) have been. We met in "The Lake District" in the UK (both on "working holidays") and we both look back on those times with such appreciation. I hope my boys will have the same love of travelling that we do.

Before we had children we decided to save up like crazy and have one last trip in 2000. Little did we know that when we took off around the globe there was a little person tagging along for the ride!!! Not many kids can say they have been around the world! We visited the USA, England and .....
Greece .

We had both been before (seperately) and knew that we had to see it together. Hubs celebrated his 30th birthday on the island of Ios. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have enough money to be able to do it when ever you wanted to? Right now, it's kids, a home and day....
The world really is an amazing place.

Carpe Diem!

Kathryn. XX


Kerryanne English said...

What beautiful photos and memories you have of your world travels Kathryn. Sounds like the perfect pick me up for a 'blah' day.

Hope your headache improves before those little munchkins return from school.

Bernadette said...

Wow Kathryn, look at all your HAIR!!!! Gorgeous photos you are very lucky to have travelled to so many wonderful parts of the world. As for the mother bit...I would say you are completely normal and appreciating time away from them will help you stay that way!! Better than being a "smother mother".

Little Mysteries said...

Love the photos. Your travels sound wonderful.
Hope the headaches go away soon. There is nothing like a quiet house to make you feel a little better!

marie said...

Kathryn, what lovely photos! What a treasure those special memories are. Someday I would like to see some of those places...for now I live vicariously thought others pictures ~ so thanks for sharing yours.

Some of my favorite times were those when my children were in school. I'm a firm believer in "absence makes the heart grow fonder"! So you enjoy your alone time ~ especially when you don't have a headache. Hope it's gone away....

Beautiful hair by the way!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you are feeling brighter by now Kathryn!! What a coincidence - I met my husband while travelling around the Lakes District in my early 20's as well!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What a great experience but for now your life is what it is and that too is an experience and one you don't get a 2nd opportunity.
At least the big wide world will still be out there awaiting you when you are able to globe trot again...

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Ive strolled over from abite of country cupcake blog.
You have a lovely place here. I enjoyed peeking back through your previous posts. I've always wished I could sew but I never graduated from the gluegun.
Your photo tour of your trips was very enjoyable, especially to those of us who may never have opportunity.
Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Wishes,


Sweetie this was the best post ever! id love to hear and see more of your travelling. Id love to go overseas but i have such a strong fear of water that i just cant get on the plane for that long knowing im over the water. I know, im missing out.
I love that you had a little person 'stowed away' with you on your trip..thats so precious. Oh im so sentimental, i just think this was lovely :)

and yes..CARPE DIEM !

Luv Shann xo