Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Christmas Tree....

Well, this is it! This year it actually looks half decent!
Usually it looks very poorly and in need of help. But with a few more decorations and tinsel put on it, it looks OK.
Glad you can't see the back of the tree becuse it's bare. Because its shoved in the "Christmas Tree" corner we tend to just decorate the bits you can see! How lazy is that - and we don't have many decorations!!!
It is certainly nothing fancy like a lot of expertly decorated trees I have seen on blogland!
A lot of the decorations have been handmade over the many years of Kindergarten and school.......and, it would not be the same without them!
Master 6 made this at Sovereign Hill recently! I think she looks, pretty

Master 7 made this one a few years ago - I think at Kinder.....she looks like she could do with a make over...... But hey, they were made by my boys and they are so proud of their "Angels".
I love them too, yes, really I do!
Oh, and here is the cat........she has been very restrained this year. Just look at her watching the twinkly lights!!
I have only caught her in the tree once, but she has taken a liking to "boxing" a few of the baubles!!!! Thank goodness they are only cheapo ones from the Reject shop!
Thank you to everyone who left a suggestion on what to do with her, but it seems that now, being an outside cat she has mellowed! Miaow!
Kathryn. XX


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

My kids have their own tiny tree just for their special handmade deccies...
They tend to get lost on our big one!
My favorite Memory from a kid was when our kitten went ballistic climbing the Chrissy tree and Mum then went Ballistic too! Hee,hee...
And I can see why your angels are sooooo special,I too am getting many sopecial treasures...Huh hummmmm

i cant sew said...

i did not help at all with the tree this year, i just sat back and watched the girls do it. it is killing me not to alter this or move that!!! i think a bite of country cupcakes idea of a tree for their decorations is brilliant cause or hand made decos are coming in thick and fast now. love your tree. xx

Jelly Wares said...

The tree looks great!!! I bet the boys just love it.... Usually my tree is the same with no decos at the back but this year it's in the middle of a room so it's very lucky and gets to be dressed the whole way around..

Take Care
Jodie :)

TattingChic said...

Your tree looks so cute. What a sweet looking kitty. She looks VERY curious sitting there staring intently at the tree, LOL!

marie said...

Hello Kathryn,
I love the angels your boys made ~ that's the stuff Christmas is made from the heart! Some of my most special ornaments are the ones my children made way back when ~ plus the ones made by friends now.
No little hands helped put ornaments on my tree this year ~ except for Charlotte trying to take one off! I kind of missed that...but that's OK because next year I'm sure I'll have more help than I want from my grandbabies! : )

Ashley said...

Your Christmas tree looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to get my first Christmas tree.

clare said...

Decorations that the kids have made sure beat the more fancy ones .I love the cat too .
Clare's Craftroom

Heleen said...

Your christmas tree looks just lovely! Home and kids made decorations are the best!!

Purple Pam said...

Your tree is darling. We also have a tree very similar to yours every year. We have lots of handmade ornaments, many the kids have made. I put them up every year and they always want to know why I am still putting up those old things! I keep telling them it is because they are precious to me.