Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Thank you to everyone who wished me well for my birthday by leaving a comment on the last post. I had a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. This post has mostly photos so sit back and soak up the atmosphere of "Dookie". It is a small town with a population of just over 1000. My Grandmother has lived here for most of her life (she is now 87) and I enjoy each and every visit. I lived with her and my Pa way back in 1981 for a couple of months and attended the local Primary School whilst my parents were taking a much needed break overseas.
My Great Grandmother also lived here, in her own home, until she was 92 - I 16 . She taught me her love of craft. I would ride my bike around to see her and each time I visited, she would show me something different to make - Flower posies, crochet, flannel (face washers) covered soaps tied with millinery flowers, embroidery etc....

This is my Grandmother's home (we call her "Granky" - due to my brother who, when he was little, couldn't say Grandma). I love this old Telephone box. It is slowly deteriorating. I would love to repair it but a lot of it is beyond that. Very sad.

This is "Saddleback". I have climbed this "hill" many times - mostly in my younger years. Last time we visited Hubs and I took the boys up. They thought it was great and what a view!

This is the main street with the Milk Bar.

The Pub!

The Dookie Emporium! What a great place. Within, lies a treasure trove of antiques, collectibles and a lovely cafe.

The space shippy thing in the middle was a "prop" for the T.V show "Wierd Science".

I think I have a budding op shopper and collector on my hands! Master 8 loves coming into these sorts of places. Master 6 does not!

Happy Australia Day! Breakfast in the park. They had a wonderful crowd for such a little town.
Granky always serves the cups of tea on the day.

On the way home. The grain silos.
It was a fabulous, relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
I hope we will be back soon.
Kathryn. XX


Selina said...

oooh, first comment! Love the pictures, what a gorgeous little town! Love the emporium! Looks like my kind of shop!


faridah said...

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Lindi said...

What a lovely little town, and what loving memories you have of it! The Emporium looks like somewhere to great to spend the day.

marie said...

Looks like you all had a splendid time ~ and The Dookie Emporium looks like a wonderful spot to spend the day (if you're not Master 6!)

Great photos and great memories I'm sure!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It look similar to my Lil town...But it does look dry and hot!
It sounds like a place with many memories attached for you...They are always the best....
Glad a good time was had by all

Kerri said...

Little towns are great. I grew up in a town called Quambatook. There was something to do. And didnt watch much T V then. Thanks fro sharing your photos. They are great

The Pink Poodle said...

dear kathryn..gorgeous photos of a little town not too far from me!
how good is that to be able to look at a blog...and know the photos are nearby.??
I love that..

hope you had a lovely aussie day...and i guess your kiddies are back at school soon??

if so..right when the temperature is at record heights?? 40 odd degrees..
I always feel sorry for the kids going back to school at this time...heavy black shoes...thick socks...(i really think this needs to be changed...)..

xx andrea

MelMel said...

Stunning weather...damp here! thank you hun!xxx

Hen said...

Looks like a great place, thanks for showing us. Oh how I envy your blue skies and sunshine!

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Kathryn, what a lovely blog - I especially love this post, your photographs are wonderful. The Dookie emporium looks amazing, pity it is a little far from the Uk otherwise definately worth a visit!
Kim xx

Anonymous said...

What aeous little town though it does look at tad hot!! I could be convinced though just to visit that Emporium..looks wonderful! Glad you had a lovely time, thanks for sharing your trip.
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Anonymous said...

Somehow that little comment didn't come out right....I think I was saying a gorgeous little town, don't know what happened there, should have used the preview that is what it is for afterall. Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

clare said...

Lovely story and great photos . What a fabulous post , thankyou for sharing .
Clares Craftroom

TattingChic said...

What lovely stories you've shared about your "Granky" and your Great Grandma! Wow, how cool to have someone show you all those lovely crafts. It sounds like a lovely time you had with your Great Grandma.

Dookie looks like a lovely place to visit.

I meant to wish you Happy Birthday last post, but I thought you had mentioned it was up and coming so I was saving Birthday wishes until then...I figured you might post about it, LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great place to visit & reminise! That emporium looks interesting, space ship included.
Sarah xxx

Julie said...

Yes, familiar photos. Love the emporium and your Grandmothers home.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Kathryn

We've been through Dookie! I loved it, your photos were great, your Granky must be a special lady.

Kerryanne English said...

Dookie was already looking prety interesting Kathryn and then you go and show the emporium... woo hoo... worth a visit I think. I find my best treasures in little towns like this.

Glad you had a great birthday too.

Annie said...

Love the look of the Dookie Emporium!

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi! I liked reading this because I have a similar story involving the same town, grandparents, great-grandparents and the memories are amazing. I still visit there often too! My grandparents are still in the same house my Mum grew up in. Love their simple life!

peggylegs said...

Wow, I didn't know that Dookie had grown so much! I live very near by, and went to school in Dookie. I'd love to get a job at the Dookie Harvest Cafe as soon as I can!