Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Champion Doll...

For the last 10 years, or so, my Mum has put an entry into the Dookie* show in the "Best Dressed Doll" category. For the past 10 years she has won first prize. For the past 7 years she has won "Champion of Needlework" in the needlework section with her doll entry and this year was no exception!
I know, how amazing is that!!!
Every year she has picked a theme ie. last year, her entry was a traditional Norwegian "Bunard" dressed doll. She has also done Victorian, Chinese and next year she thinks she may do Marie Antoinette!
Anyway, this year she did "Mary, Queen of Scots"
*(a little country town near Shepparton where she grew up - my Grandmother still lives there)

You can read more about Mary, Queen of scots here.
Mum made entirely everything for the doll, including underwear, stockings, petticoat, shoes, hat, the ruff around her neck, jewellery, the rosary and the needlefelted dog! Legend has it, that when she was executed, her little dog was found hidden in the folds of her dress.
I gave Mum a needlefelting kit last year so it has come in very handy!
Clever or what! Look at all of that intricate pin tucking on her dress too.
The detail she puts into her dolls is incomparable.
And, remeber my "scrappy stacked coins' quilt that I finished off at Sewjourn a few months ago?
Well, I entered it in the show too, in the "Article made from scraps" section and it won first prize too! There were 4 other entries so I was pretty chuffed.
More painting to be done today.
I absolutely HATE painting and it is driving me insane.
I hope you are not driven insane today.
Kathryn.. XX


clare's craftroom said...

Congratulations to both of you , well done . My DH is a painter , do you want me to send him over ?

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How Exciting for the two of you!
And as for Painting...Ugh!
I despise Painting...And I too will have much to do soon enough!

marie said...

The doll and the quilt are beautiful - both worthy of the prize they one!

I'm sorry that the painting goes on ~ and on ~ and on.....
Just think how beautiful it will look when you're done!

I went shopping with my daughters tonight and I found something that reminded me of you. I HAD TO buy it. When you have a chance please snd me your new address! Whoo Hoo! It's a present! Just a little something to take your mind off your painting!

Vintage Garden said...

Like Mother, like Daughter...what a team!!! Congrats to both of you. Don't you wish you had that Samantha nose twitch and the painting would all be done :)))))

i cant sew said...

oh swoon over that dog!!!! i just love needle felted anything, very very sweet.
congrats to you both

Karens Hopes said...

Well done to you both you must be thrilled. Its wonderful to be so talented.

rachelmp said...

What a stunning doll your mum has created. She must be very proud of her work and winning streak. Love how your coin quilt finished too!