Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.....

Look what I found today whilst browsing at the op shop.
I didn't intend on going in today,
(I usually go in when I do the grocery shopping as it is on the way - convenient, I know!)
but something made me say, "Go on, it may be worth it".
And here it is, this gorgeous mirror all for $15.
Of course, it will be painted white at some stage....you know I hate painting, but this is fun painting, not the boring window frame, wall kind of painting!
I had been looking for the perfect mirror to go in the guest bathroom upstairs.
And, guess what?
(take note of the background...still lot's of painting to be done!)
It will fit perfectly.
I was taking it off the wall at the oppy when a volunteer I know said "Don't drop it"!
I jumped a mile, nearly did drop it and, of course, made his day!
Yeah, ha, ha, very funnny!
Have you made someone's day today?
Kathryn. XX


Kerryanne English said...

I have one word for you Kathryn - 'DESTINY'. You were meant to go in the op shop today!
Enjoy your treasure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Love a bargain and love Op shops!
Hate Painting even Mirrors!;)

marie said...

That mirror will be perfect...just as your timing was! So glad you found it.

clare's craftroom said...

Isn't that funny , I just posted about a couple of great things I found at my Vinnies . That mirror will beautiful when painted . Have you heard from the kitchen people yet ? I gasped when I saw the split in your benchtop I can just imagine how you reacted !!!!

Deb said...

Great find Kathryn. Will look great painted white

Siobhan said...

Oh what a find...love the shape! Its going to look lovely in your bathroom.


p.s. did the kitchen people turn up?

julia said...

$15!!!!! No way! That is beautiful!! You are very fortunate.

Jessica said...

The mirror is beautiful! I love thrift shopping. :-)

passion4pink said...

You lucky girl!!!! I am looking for a mirror like this one everywhere!! of course i don't want to pay hundreds of dollars, meanwhile my hall is bare. maybe one day I ll be in the right place at the right time too.Well done!!!!

Antique Rose Designs said...

You got a bargain with that mirror it will look nice painted white. Hope you sorted out your kitchen problems. I had so many problems with my kitchen people but I threatened to take them to court and all was fixed. I would not recommend them to anyone either. Good luck Carol

OliveStreetStudio said...

such a great find!! i did that in NYC a few years back. I have both in my basement waiting for a good spot to hang. :-)

SG said...

Great mirror! Thanks for the award on the previous post!

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous shaped mirror and total steal at that price, can't wait to see now how it looks in pretty shades of white.