Thursday, December 3, 2009


Some of you may have noticed that the website has gone a little haywire, ie. photos not appearing where they should be, text not in the right place etc...
I spent a good few hours yesterday trying to upload a stack of Rachel Ashwell and Cath Kidston buntings (see pic below) only to find it did not work after about 10 attempts. Frustration.
Anyway, as soon as hubs walked in the front door, last night, I pounced! He is pretty techno savvy but even he could not figure it out! End result, he deleted everything from the website and uploaded everything again, only to find that some things were fixed, whilst others were not.

So, if you are looking at the Home Decor or Newly listed items pages, the little pictures are not what they should be, but if you click on the images, you will be in the right place.
This pic was taken at the end of our wonderful dinner last night for our craft group.
It was a really wonderful night with lots of laughter, yummy food, Kris Kringle presents and great company. Thanks girls!
L-R Rachel, Annie, Janine (blogless), Alison (blogless) , and missing from the photo - Christine (blogless), Jeanette, Sue (blogless) and, absent Jodie.
After readng yesterday's post again, I realised that I have, in fact, made a few Christmas gifts this year.
Using Amy Butler's "Nigella" fabric, I made a few zippy purses/wristlets and a notebook cover for a few teachers at school.
It's blowing hot north wind (I should say gale) here today. I wonder if the kids will come home, from school, a little crazy this afternnon?
Kathryn. XX


Katrina Chambers said...

Arrrr computer dramas are so frustrating (and a time waster!). Hope yours get sorted soon :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Bunting? You say bunting?
I definately will arrange Girly rosey buntings in the new yaer for my Girls from you.
It is a must!
And by the look of those great teacher pressies...I am wishing I was a teacher!!

Natasha Burns said...

it's weird what computers decide to do sometimes! I hope it all sorts out for you.
Yes, it was a hot wind wasn't it. so is that why they go crazy? Hmmmm it was a full moon last night or the night before too....

❦TattingChic said...

Hope you've gotten the computer stuff sorted out by now! Your crafty group sounds like it is a lot of fun!