Thursday, June 24, 2010

My creative space.....

Inspired by Catherine (the amazing fashionista), Nikki's friend, at Sewjourn a few weels ago, I bought some fabric yesterday with this skirt in mind.
I have pleated it the same on the back too. I think I will leave the sides flat at the seams - I don't need more enhancing in the hip department! And, I'm going to be daring and put the zip on the outside of the seam. It seems to be the thing to do at the moment.
I am usually one of those sewers who do most things by the book with my mother in my head saying "you must make it look neat".
So, I am going to be a rebel! (and not wear this skirt in front of my Mum!!!!!)
I'll post a photo when it is finished.
What's going on in your creative space today?
More over at Kirsty's here.
Kathryn. XX


Knicky Knacks said...

Anyone who can successfully sew in pleats is a creative genius in my book! Well done to you. It's looking great and love the material!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Wow! Looks like lots of work....You'll look cute in that! Imagine Me in it...*giggle***....I think not!

Deb said...

Great skirt kathryn. I remember making skirts like that years ago and they are so comfortable and easy to do.
hugs Deb

clare's craftroom said...

Good for you ! I really can't remember the last time I made something for myself , go girl !

Anonymous said...

It has been so long since I created any clothing. There was a time I made almost everything we wore!!

Mira Narnie said...

a rebel sewer - that's what i like to hear. looks great and look forward to the progress photos!

Nikki said...

Great stuff, Kathryn!! Loosening up and breaking a few rules is GOOD..... it's where you learn the most!

Can't wait to see the finished skirt!