Monday, June 7, 2010

Party, Party, Party!

What a fantastic night!
We ended up having 45 people here and everything went so smoothly. I was super organised and everything was ready about 1/2 hour before our first guests arrived so I was able to enjoy the night too.
I want to thank the person who invented the "Slow Cooker"!!!
Hubs' Mum made the cake, thank you Nanna!
I think we had nearly as many kids here as adults!
Everyone enjoyed the food. I made a "Beef and Guninness" casserole as well as a "Thai green curry" with rice, chat potatoes, beans, peas, salad, garlic bread, bread and of course lots of party pies and sausage rolls for the kids both young and old!
And here I am, snapped by master 7 before everyone arrived (wearing the funky new top I made at sewjourn - thanks Lara.
It was our first big party event.
Our other house would not have survived it...and neither would I.
"Thank you" to those who left Hubs a birthday message on the previous post too; he was chuffed.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.
Kathryn. XX


A Very Fine House {and} said...

You look so cute! Looks like a great party.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh So glad it all went well.
Clock on the wall looks good!
Bet you could'nt have imagined such a party at your Old digs!
Your top looks gorgeous! You in fact are looking trim and so healthy at the moment! Hope it is catching!!!!
Happy Birthday to the Big G man!

passion4pink said...

Love warm inviting parties with family & friends,glad it went well. You take a great photo!!!
I also looked over your recent all your work & love the Keep Calm print in the frame can you tell me where I can get one?

GREG said...

I just have to say how amazing my wife is. This was my birthday and all I did was buy the beer. Kathryn organised the event and cooked all the food. One of our guests was a chef and Restaurateur and he was amazed and thoroughly impressed with the quality of the meal,(as was everyone). I'll be bragging about my wonderful wife even more than usual now. Thank you for the best party ever.
Your number 1 admirer.

suz said...

Sounds like a wonderful party and judging by the comments made by your husband, sounds like you have a keeper! Congrats to you for pulling off a great party and a belated happy birthday to Greg!