Tuesday, October 5, 2010


How on earth do the days disappear so quickly? Holidays are over, kids are back at school and I spent nearly all of yesterday trying to get the house cleaned and in order. Mountains of washing was done, groceries bought, bolognaise in the slow cooker, bathrooms cleaned, floor mopped, ah the list just goes on and on......
And this is what my hubby gave me to keep me going, oh bless! He is getting a bit creative with his froth these days!
And, some new fabrics turned up from Etsy. I bought these to make some more Pussikins!
Girls this time.
I love Matryoshkas and I could not resist these Matryoshka cats! How cute!
Purchased from here.
And, I have begun my tutorial for my paticipation in the 'Simply Christmas' fun over at Shabby Art Boutique.
I have been given the task of showing you a pretty and feminine gift to make!
If you haven't been over to see what Kerryanne has planned for us all, please do. It's all about getting back to basics for Christmas, forget commercial buying, buy handmade or make it yourself! Kerryanne has lots of talented bloggers involved in this over the next 12 weeks of Christmas - check her sidebar to see who's who.
Get organised, get creating, get cooking and have fun in the lead up to Christmas!
Now, how many hours are left today?
Kathryn. XX


clare's craftroom said...

It really is scary how quickly the year has gone! Looking forward to your tutorial .

Annie said...

Oh Shabs, I love that fabric! Think yourself VERY lucky, I had to go back to school with the kids and I need all that good stuff done at home - looking forward to my day off tomorrow