Monday, April 18, 2011



How heartbroken Nikki was to discover one of her beautiful bags stolen from her stand at the recent AQC.
If you see this bag, the person who has it is a thief and does not deserve to own such a wonderful bag. They need to be shamed and reported.
Please help spread the word on blogland and get this wonderful bag returned to its' rightful owner pronto!
Keep your eyes peeled and good luck!
Kathryn. XX


Nikki said...

Thanks Kathryn! You're a treasure.

Annie said...

I'm looking and I'm disgusted with that 3% of the population who can't follow the rules.

Shabbily Ever After said...

How awful!
Poor Nikki taking time and effort to make such a beautiful bag to have someone believe they can just take it with out paying,
Hope they are caught,
Love Kristina x

shez said...

i have blogged about this to spread the word,not nice shame on this person.