Thursday, March 15, 2012

Every day I'm 'Ruffling'

No, not shuffling, ruffling!
(do you all know that song?)
Anyway, I used to do a lot of cushions years ago with hand pulled gathers to get that nice ruffled look around the edges, and I stopped making them. Do you know why??? Well, if you've done it yourself, you'll know that it takes AGES!
I missed making cushions so I did a bit of research and found the 'Ultimate Ruffler Foot' for my Janome.
It just snaps on and off you go.....
 I will have to experiment with all of the settings but I think it will be great and make my life so much easier when doing anything with a ruffle!
It is a bit of a beast, and it was expensive, but when you think of all the time saved it will pay itself off in no time.
I bought mine direct from the Janome dealer here in Ballarat.
Happy Ruffling! Kathryn. xx


clare's craftroom said...

Thanks I'd love to hear how you get on . I have a Janome so I'm going to check them out .

Karen said...

Aren't those scary looking beasts the best! I have just made a bunch of girls skirts using mine and I love it - wouldn't be without it.

This free download might be of help Kathryn as you are learning to use it.

Vik said...

Oooh I've been meaning to buy one for ages, briefly looked for one on ebay but never actually got around to getting it. Is it universal for all Janome's? How much is expensive? Would love more details please :)

Amber said...

I just ordered mine, thank you!! What a life saver this will be!!

Antique Rose Designs said...

ooooohhh I'm excited to hear they have this foot I know exactly what you are talking about having to pull by hand. That is the reason I stopped doing ruffles too. Way too much time spent pulling thread and lots of swearing if the thread snapped. Happened once after getting frustrated and after that learnt my lesson. I will visiting my Janome dealer first thing monday. Thanks for letting us know. Take care Carol