Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fabric silhouette portraits DIY

Recently I was asked to do a set of fabric silhouette portraits for a wedding gift.
They are really easy to make yourself and I've made plenty for friends and family.
Here is a step by step 'HOW TO'
You will need:
black fabric, a contrasting backing fabric, canvas frame, vliesofix -applique paper, scissors, pencil, iron, staple gun, felt, glue and ribbon to hang

1. Take a close up photo of your subject, fully side on.
2.Print out your image at your desired size - this will depend on the size of your canvas.
3. tape your image to a window REVERSE side facing you.
4. Trace your image with the sticky side of the vliesofix facing the image.
5. Iron your image onto the wrong side of your black fabric.
6. Cut out your image; TIP: add little wisps of hair to add interest.
7. Iron your backing fabric then iron your image onto the backing fabric.
8. Hold your silhouette in place and staple to the reverse of the frame.
9. Cut a piece of felt to fit the back of your canvas, glue it on around the edges.
10. Add a hanger to the back; I stapled a length across the frame, tucking under the edges to prevent fraying.
So, there you are, easy peasy. What a great gift idea- perfect for Christmas too!
Kathryn. XX

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Karen said...

Oooh I have always wanted to do these of the girls - thanks for the details on how.
Hope you and yours had a great Christmas and NY and are safe from all these fires.