Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leave it to the Professionals.....

Recently, I bought this for an upcoming holiday.
Now that I've hit 40, I feel like I want to be a bit 'modest' when it comes to swimwear.

I'm sure a lot of you still have the confidence of youth and just bare it all, but as for me I just don't want everyone and sundry spying my orange peel......Plus, that whole pinup 1950's vibe is so up my alley.
Image courtesy of Red Dolly Swimwear on Etsy
The swimsuit I purchased is just amazing; Heather makes everything to order and it fits like a glove.
She even made the costumes for a Glee Episode, how cool is that! (see the second pic in the listing)

I was so in love with it that I wanted another, but the budget only stretches so far, so, I made a swimskirt to go with a tankini that I already have in black.
It is made from a scuba stretch from Lincraft.
But, there was no way I was going to model this for blogland!!! Ha ha.

I'll leave the swimsuit modelling to the pro's.
Kathryn. xx

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clare's craftroom said...

Hey I'm in my 50s and I would LOVE those swimmers and I would even wear them . I'd hide but I would wear them , gorgeous !