Monday, June 23, 2008

Finished Yesterday!!!

What a dreary old weekend. Stuck indoors with two boys going crazy with cabin fever! No outings to the park to play "footy", no Auskick - only pretend "footy" inside with a balloon (that's the only thing I let them kick, handball, mark, bounce, and tackle with, inside. Can you pick up the fact that my boys love "footy"? Yep, crazy about it....
Anyway, suprisingly enough, I had a very productive day yesterday. We bribed the boys to watch "Harry Potter" once again so I was able to finish off some priojects.
I have this pile of stuff - either cut out ready to sew, half sewn and just about finished but never seem to get around to it - I call it "My can't be bothered pile". You can see the pile in the last photo on the front of the table. It has decreased in size a bit since my crazy whirl wind sewing bonanza yesterday but I still have loads to finish off.
Does anyone else have this problem???

I managed to finish off the girls. I have called them "Katiya".

Mischief in a bag!!! Finished yesterday.... Find them in my website shop

Barkcloth Roses Tote bag - finished yesterday! Find it on Ebay soon..

Ballet bag - finished yesterday!! Find it in my Website shop

"The Princess Cushion - Emma" finished yesterday! Find it in my website shop

Not wanting to brag, but I finished another "Princess Cushion" ("Isabelle") too, along with two girls aprons and a wristlet! Bear in mind that these had been started and then neglected! So, I'm not the whizz you may think. :)

The mess where I "work"

See the big pile of unfinished business??? Mmm, can't be bothered...



Anonymous said...

They are the cutest!! YES YES YSE I have to have some, Im into pinks so I trust your taste & that you will make them gorgeous for me.Let me know when your done (NO HURRY)


Hey Kathryn ! The girls are gorgeous and i love that tote....might have to have a little lookie....LOL
My ring arrived today THANKYOU so much i love it ! I think my mum wants one now !
Oh and hey, you think thats mess?? hee hee, i should send you a pic of my work office..YIKES!

Shann :)

Gail McCormack said...

Kathryn your creations are delightful!!!
You certainly have loads of talent.

Kate said...

Gorgeous girls!