Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of my favourite things..

For those of you who love pink glass and roses this is for you!!
This is one of my favourite things and I thought I'd share it with you. I have a little collection, on my dressing table, of depression glass and in particular dressing table sets. I love them. I have a pink one, a blue one and a green one (because you cannot have pink without green!).
I think it is the colour, the pleasure of just looking at how beautiful they are and often wondering who owned them previously and what were they like???
This little bowl is made by Walther and Sohne in Germany and it is the prettiest shade of pink. The photos show it as being rather orange but it was hard to photograph. I love the rose relief pattern around the edges and the little knob on the top.

Gorgeous isn't it??

I have been working on some lavender strawberries today. I think I will send some to my Grandmother (87 years old). She loves lavender so I hope it will make her day!

Guess who arrived in the mail two days ago? Yep, my little migraine kid all the way form the UK. Thanks Shadow Cat! He has pride of place on my bedside table.
Oh, what a comfort!


Anonymous said...

HMMM what can I say Ummm GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! The Migraine Kid looks sooo sweet Kathryn! How did you make him look so cute? I always fill my pics with saturated colour so maybe i have learnt a valuable lesson from you.
That little bowl is so scrummy - almost suckable like a jelly sweet.
I have a big mouth so it would probably fit too!


Now thats PRETTY ! I loooove it ! if you ever decide to part with it just give me a holler wont you, LOL. Id be more than happy to take it off your hands! HA HA.

Your little migraine doll is hysterical and so sweet.

Hope youre having a great weekend Kathryn,

Hugs, Shann xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweets, Not sure if you got my other messages or emails, can u send me through bank details and I shall make payment asap for my little cuties!! Thanks