Friday, June 13, 2008

Yeah! The website is live..

Yeah, I am so happy about the website being finished! We finished everything yesterday up to the point where we could upload it all to Google and amazingly there were no hitches! I just hope that people will begin to find me again..... I have had a few emails already to congratulate me on getting it this far. Thank you to those people - you know who you are!!

I still have loads of things I still want to make and add to the site so stay tuned for more exciting goodies.....

Now, you have got to have a look at one of my favourite things at the moment. It's called "The Migraine Kid" by "The shadow Cat".

For anyone that suffers from migraines you will know how this kid feels. Have a look at his handpainted face. Oh, you just want to give him a hug don't you? I love her work and she does every little stitch by hand. How patient she must be!! Make sure you check out her other works of art on Etsy via her blogspot.

I'm rostered on in the canteen at school this morning so I had better do some housework before I go and hand out pies and sausage rolls. Suprise, suprise it has fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks. I wonder why.....?


Anonymous said...

Hi there Sweetie!! I left a comment on another blog you msut have had but found this new one through one of my best friends Lynda.So I shall run off now and change the hmtl code on my blog. Glad to see you on blogger and shall look forward to reading your post's!!
I love the rings you have been making and am heading off also to check out your website!!
Big Congrats!!


oooh migraine kid i do sympathise little buddy....yukky things they are :(
love his little face and the boo boo on his head.

A HUGE congrats on the website..I ADORE those rings !!!