Monday, June 16, 2008

I have succumbed to the pressure...

Have you ever succumbed to the pressure of loving something so much that you just had to have regardless of the cost? Well, Friday night I did. I just had to have "The Migraine Kid" so off to Etsy I toddled to "The Shadow Cat" and now he is packaged and on his long journey, to me, from the UK.
I have been busy this weekend making some gift cards......I bought a whole pack of 50 cards and envelopes from Spotlight for an absolute bargain! I think they have turned out really well and I will offer them in my Etsy shop soon...

Here is "Coco". She was the one who inspired my "Pussikins" softies and the faces on the cards below...

I love the one with the patch.. I wonder what sort of bird he has caught?

Here is my second purchase from Etsy. It arrived on Friday and I love them - I should have bought one for myself. I can't show you the animals I purchased because they are Christmas presents. I know, I have started very early this year! Thanks Laurie from "woolpets".

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Hiya Kathryn ! Thanks for popping by my blog! I know who you are ! YAY, i loooove your work too! Ive always thought your cushions are just breathtaking. I'll have to pop by your stores and have a peek at whats on offer *hee hee*.
Love the kitty katts! i have 5 cats so ANYTHING with kitty's is gorgeous!

Chat again soon,

Shann x