Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first time!!!

Settle down!
It is my very first lamp shade revamp!
It only took me two years to pluck up the courage to recover this old lamp shade but what was I worried about? Sure it was a bit fiddley and I did swear under my breath a few times but I think I did a pretty good job considering it was "my first time".
I will not be doing another one in a hurry though!
I used my very favourite Laura Ashley fabric called "Isabelle" and I very carefully cut out the fabric so that I would have the same pattern on each side - alternating between pink and white stripes.
I admire the "girls" out there who make these all the time. Well done girls...it's not easy!

Pretty huh?

Pretty pink beaded trim around the bottom.

This is one of my favourite op-shop finds. It was just sitting on a dusty shelf stuck to its' backing board all for $2.00. I had to have it. I love the pink and green together (my favourite colours). "She" has used ribbons to make the flowers along with pearls and french knots. When I brought it home I discovered that this frame was just perfect.

This is another op-shop find. It is English Tudor Rose and is called Kentish Garden. It was cheap because it is missing the saucer. I love it because it reminds me of England.

Look forward to some Cath Kidston fabric bags in Our Shabby Cottage soon.

After 10 years of dreaming of a bigger home we have finally purchased some land to build our "dream" home on. The house where we live now is a 3 bedroom 1970's white brick nightmare. The backyard is so small, the house is small (13 squares of small!) , the kitchen is small, the lounge room is small, and we live on a hill. You get the picture?
Not so sure about the process of building being a "dream" though.

It's a beautiful 1/4 acre block with amazing views off to the east. Not that they will be there for long once everyone else has built there too. :(
It's one block from the school, three blocks from the little town and close to the post office - which is very important!

The view from the back of the block to our new street. It is a very exciting prospect for us all. Very daunting for my husband who will take on most of the responsibility. He is a draughtsman and has designed (with alot of help from me) our new home. To save some money we are going to be owner builders. Are we mad or are we sensible?
I'll answer that in 2 years time when we have (hopefully) finished.....
Kathryn XX


prettyshabby said...

Hi Kathryn,thanks for your message (we just love the Lake District too..there's something about hills and water isn't there?)
Your lampshade looks fantastic..you must have a LOT of patience! great finds too,just lovely.
I cant tell you how envious i am of your patch of land..how wonderful to be able to build your own home from scratch to your own spec...the place you're currently in now sounds like ours...small!
I've been having a mooch in your lovely shop and love those vintage button rings..so pretty!
Sairer x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
I just discovered your blog after a bit of 'blog hopping'!. I have seen your beautiful creations on ebay for sometime & am now glad that I have found out that you have your own store. I am also an avid ebayer, I buy under the username theshabbychicprincess & also sell under my business name shabbyrosesandprettythings01. I also have a blog that features some of my creations, some family bits & anything else that I find interesting. Please feel free to drop by my blog, www.shabbyrosesandprettythings.blogspot.com, I have really enjoyed reading your blog & will definitely be back.
Chat soon,
Love Sarah xxx

Country Wishes said...

Hi Kathryn,
I think your lamp looks divine, you did a lovely job.
I Love the Cath Kidton fabrics im a big fan of her bold patterns.
The block looks great, you are a brave lady building..lol
Fantastic creations, your work is beautiful, I adore the frogs!
Lovely to meet another girl with a passion for sewing, wish I had more time to do it these days.
Nice to meet you,

Rachelmp said...

Hi Katherine. Your lampshade is just beautiful. Lucky you soon to have a nice new house!