Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A very quiet house!

Look at these Monkeys!
I had a quick trip to my parents yesterday and left my munchkins in their care for 3 days!
Wow, they have never been gone this long before and it does feel very weird. The peace and quiet is blissful but I am constantly aware of it.
It's worse at night when you go to give them a kiss good night and tuck them in...and they are not there to tell you face to face that they love you. A phone call is just not enough is it?
Oh well, regardless of that I am going to thoroughly enjoy the next few days - no arguments, no fighting over which movie to watch, no yelling and "dobbing" on one another....
Can they stay longer????
As promised in an earlier post I would show you the finished zipper pouches...
The ones above have a gusset.

These do not...
They will be added to Our Shabby Cottage and to my Etsy shop.

Whilst at my parents yesterday I searched for this frog. It was given,to me, as a gift when my family spent the Christmas of '89 in England with our relatives.
It is a "softie" from the very famous London store - "Liberty". The fabric is called "Stockton".
When we brought this little guy home my Mum and I made quite a few to keep him company...
I thought I would make a few more to give a way as gifts and also put in the shop...
I have seen these little guys in a few places after searching the net for them. We took our own pattern from him to use.

Here he is with his "mates" all made from different "Liberty" fabrics. The one on the very left is a limited edition print made with Australian wildflowers. I have not seen this anywhere since my Mum purchased it about 20 years ago. If anyone has it, or has seen it, please let me know if you want to part with it!!!

I thought I'd show you a couple of wonderful things my Dad has made. He is a capenter by trade and was a woodwork teacher for over 30 years. Now, he potters around in his shed and makes wonderful objects for the house and to give away. At the moment he is working on a wooden merry-go-round! (complete with carved horses mind you) as well as Noah's Ark and lots more!!!
The Russian church above was inspired by a trip my parents took to Russia and Scandinavia. (The lighthouse at the back does light up - if you were wondering!!)

And these are some Kokeshi dolls he has made. He paints everything himself and, as you can imagine, has infinite patience!!
My Mum is just as talented and I will show you some of her creations at some point. I was lucky to growup in a household of crafty and imaginative people!!
Kathryn XX


trashalou said...

WOW! Your dad is muy talented. I am loving the Russian cathedral. Does he use artist acrylics or an eggshell paint? Those pieces are fabulous.

Funny when the childer go away from you or vice versa. Makes it all so much nicer (for about fifteen minutes) when you all get back together :-)

Rachelmp said...

Your dads woodwork is just amazing. I hope you had a lovely frew days of peace and quiet!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you have enjoyed your few days without your kids! You little pouches look sweet and such a practical size! The Liberty frogs are lovely - and such a great way to use up those precious pieces of Liberty fabric.