Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chic and Green - Etsy love feature

Pop on over to "Chic and Green's blog" to see this post about....Me!
Karley at "Chic and Green" has a category on her blog called Etsy Love and every day she features an Etsy seller and their shop. It's a wonderful way to promote people's goodies and a great networking tool.
So, "Thank you Karley".
Karley also has her own shop on Etsy called "Facial Care Boutique". I hope you will stop by and say "Hello" .
Tell her Kathryn sent you!


marie said...

Your site is so beautiful! I love everything!
I'm so glad that I discovered you and I will visit often.

andrea said...

dear kathryn...i want to purchase that gorgeous little ballet bag you have (for my neighbours little girl) what is the best way to buy this?? etsy or ebay??
you are just soo good updating your site..
I have been re arranging my kitchen all day...and have posted a new would love to hear what you think?? I am a bit self conscious about what i SAY AND do on a blog site...and as you are much more of a pro than me...if you think it is okay ... I shall add more stuff over the weeks..just a bit self let me know what you think...and BE honest...i can take it!! X ANDREA

Kate said...

Such a lovely feature - your stuff is gorgeous!


OOOOOH you are famous !!!!
Can i have your autograph please maam ????