Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Potato Olympics!!!

Olympic fever hit the school this morning in the form of "The Potato Olympics"!
Each child was put into a country and given a potato as their competitor. They had to decorate it in their countries' colours, give "it" a name and then compete with it in three events.
Master 5 named his Potato "Flame" and boy was he on fire!!!.

"Flame's" first event was Golf. You can see him out in front. They had to use the golf club to push their potato around the hole and back again.

Yeah, a gold medal... well done "Flame"

Potato running..... This event was measured on distance

Equestrian...running around a race track. "Flame" won this event too (by default as the other potato was uncerimoniously dropped on the floor - oh well)

Gymnastics..ribbon potato rolling..
Poor master 7 had a very oblong potato and it kept rolling out of the square. (But Mum kicked it back in again to gain 50 points!!! Go Mum...what? Of course it was allowed...)

Diving... a lot seemed to slam themselves onto the ground - ouch! It reminds me of Greg Louganis way back in '88.
The amount of time and effort that went into organising this morning was incredible. Each child had a tag with their country flag, another tag with their events, there were pages upon pages of names, events, times, records, medals etc... It has taken weeks to prepare. I can see why the Olympic committee need 8 years to prepare the host city now!
All I can say is good luck to all of the athletes in Beijing. I think it will be a very interesting games.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!!!

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Julie said...

This is hilarious. My husband is a teacher and has taken notes for next Olympics. I tears in my eyes from laughing.