Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats and Dolls!

After an extremely hectic weekend,
I ended up with a migraine on Sunday/Monday
(pounding head, throwing up...you get the picture...not pretty)
But yesterday afternoon, I managed to get some sewing in - with the help of drugs of course! Praise be for Panadeine...

Another Matryoshka doll and a custom order for a friend for one of my "Pussikins" softies.

meet "Katria" (meaning pure) - a variant of Kathryn!

I thought it appropriate, seeing she is made with pink and green -
my favourite colours! (Farmers Market and Anna Griffin fabrics)
And here is "Is that a mouse?" a custom order.....

......for a little girl for Christmas - who also loves pink!!!

Back to the boring old house wifely duties today, washing....
Kathryn. XX


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH, that kitty is precious!
So sorry you weren't feeling well! I (overly) sympathize...I am a migraine girl too...such fun they are! YUK!!

Thx sooooo much for the awards!
You are far too kind! And I am sooo
Thank you!!!!!!

M ^..^

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hi Kathryn hope you are feeling better now. Love your latest creations, the little girl is going to be over the moon come Christmas Day. Found your last photo funny, I have spent the day cleaning the house, washing & doing so much ironing I really do not want to see another wrinkled bit of clothing again.
Enjoy the rest of your day

Lyn xoxoxo

andrea said...

DEAR kathryn..you are JUSt AMAZING!! honestly I have never had a migraine or much of a headache...(slightly if i play tennis with the hot sun)...GOrgeous gorgoeus goodies you make & list...I wish i was just a little little bit as clever...
take care..xx andrea

andrea said...

dear kathryn..I can honestly say I have never EVER HAD a migraine in my life..and to be throwing up?? that is beyond my wildest dreams...I hope you are OK..feeling better?? it is something I cannot even begin to imagine.
you ARE A MARVEL...getting up and sewing....
absolutely love ALL your goodies..extremely talented lady.,..xxxx andrea (wish I was a tad bit talented)..

Hen said...

Pink and green together is my fave combination too. The face on your matryoshka is beautiful, you're v clever!
Hen x


ewwww to the headaches you poor chickie ( you know i know how it feels). Hope youre feeling ok today. It aint fun being like that is it!

but...YAAYYY and AWWWW to your new pretties!

You cant keep a good woman down hey!

Luv Shann xo

SG said...

I love them! I hope you are feeling better!

Kate said...

They are adorable - hope you feel better today.

Ruth said...

Love the Matryoshka! So sweet!
Hope your migraine is totally better.

Ruth xx

Purple Pam said...

The pink kitty is darling. The doll she is with is also adorable. Now, about the laundry bag, I dunno?