Thursday, October 16, 2008

I thought it was a good the time!

Yesterday, I decided to give the "Living Creatively" monthly competition a go.
This months theme is "PINK" - obviously because it is breast Cancer awareness month.
Well, I wasted a whole day on what I thought was a good idea. It turned out to be a complete and utter flop - yep, I do have them (occasionally! Wink!).
Today, I am in that "Oh my goodness - How can that have happened?" phase and now thinking about ways to resurrect it from it's "floppiness......"
Whilst dreaming up wonderful ways to "fix" this problem I have had to catch up on yesterdays household duties. 3 loads of washing later, an enormous pile of ironing, beds to change (yep, my kids still pee in them everynow and then...) and some grocery shopping. Not a fun day......
But I did manage to go to Vinnies and pick up a few things this morning!

The blue and white flowery fabric caught my eye straight away - I had a dress made from this when I was about 10 and it is exactly the same! And for $3 too! The photo frame for $2 AND.... the gorgeous beaded trim for $5. I could not resist it - now what to make with it? Any ideas??

Now, you will all know that I am no gardener. Well, i just had to show you this little pom pom of perfection! Isn't it gorgeous. I love the little hint of blush around the edges. Even though it IS from my garden, I cannot claim it's gloriousness.

And these.......
with wifely chores,
a project gone belly up
and lunch to be had,
I say "bye" until my next post.
(hopefully with something accomplished!)
Kathryn. XX


Rachelmp said...

They were great op shop finds! Looking forward to see what the flop turns into..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
Your finds are pretty indeed....i was thinking about the fabric..could you make something you would use daily to remind you of being a girl? maybe in a dress shape like a pretty peg bag with some of that gorgeous beaded trim to give some daily glamour?
Love the flowers and the blush on the first is dreamy
Love Kristina XxX

Kerryanne English said...

Don't worry Kathryn - we all have those days occassionally. Put it behind you and look to tomorrow.

I love that sparkly trim you picked up at the op shop....hhmmm, wonder what you will do with it?

Jodie said...

But I want to see the flop !!!!

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from Shannon's paint mine pink and really enjoyed all your creative posts, the dolls and kitties are cute.

Great finds in the fabric and notions department, my local vinnies is a bit dull in that department, think I need to move back to Victoria. Lot of great crafting things going on down there these days.