Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How do you make a lined zipper purse? Here's how....

Have you ever wondered how to make a lined zipper purse? Well, here's how!
I know there are probably a lot of these tutorials out there in blog land but I thought I'd show you my version. I hope it makes sense?
I used a 6" zipper with fabric and lining measuring 8" X 6".

Choose your fabric, lining and zipper.
Place lining down first (face up), then the zipper, then the fabric (face down). Pin in place.

Sew along the edge of the zipper using a zipper foot if you have one.
Open out and do the same with the two remaining pieces of fabric. To start, open the end of the zipper, this makes it easier to sew.

When you have sewn to the zipper pull, lift your foot and pull zipper shut, lower foot and continue sewing. You should then have fabric and lining on each side of the zipper.

Topstitch the seams (this stops the zipper being caught in the fabric when in use)

Place right sides together and pin in place, making sure the seams match.
Make sure your zip is OPEN otherwise you will find yourself yelling and screaming at yourself for being so silly because now you can't open the zip once sewn!!!!

You can change the zipper foot over to your "normal" sewing foot now.
Sew down the side seams making sure that you sew near the ends of the zipper.
Check your seams are matched up correctly - this makes it look much nicer when finished. Repeat for the other side, the fabric end and leave a 3" gap in the lining end (this is so you can pull everything through to the right side).

Trim off excess fabric close to the seam and snip the corners
(This will make your corners nice and sharp)

Pull through the opening so you see the right sides of your fabric. This is the time to make sure your fabric corners are nicely pointed. Use a blunt pencil or your finger to push the corners out.

Pin the lining end shut, and either hand sew or machine sew shut.
Push lining into the fabric, add a ribbon or beads to the zipper pull and voila, your very own, perfectly sewn lined zipper purse!!!
Now give your self a clap and a pat on the back!!!
There will be no stopping you now!
Have fun, Kathryn. XX


Shabby Vintage dreams said...

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My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Kathryn,
I have been sewing for years & have never made one of these, think I will have to give it a go. Thanks so much for the Tutorial.
Oh did you notice the Etsy store I bought my necklaces from on my last post, she has free postage until 31st Oct.

Have a great day

Lyn xoxox

Kerryanne English said...

Thanks Kathryn - that was a great and very easy tutorial to follow.
We'll all be making zipper bags now!!!

Jessica said...

Great project! I always enjoy reading about your crafts and sewing. :-)

Rachelmp said...

That's a great tutorial Kathryn! I've never successfully put in a zip so I am going to try. Thanks Rachel

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh you are so funny! In high school, I spent an entire quarter attempting to make a wrap-around-skirt! Lion taming? I might try...but sewing...
I'll just leave that to you!!!!! :)

M ^..^

Annie said...

I just LOVE your fabrics Kathryn. I want to make one of those - once I get back into the sewing room. Look forward to seeing you Thursday.

Joanne said...

OMG I can't beleive I've come across your blog now, I've just spent the best part of the evening trying to do a purse with a zipper, trying being the word here as I've come to bed with out success. SoI'll have another go tomorrow following you tutorial.

prettyshabby said...

I'm doing some catching up with your posts! but oh thankyou for this tutorial..I avoid zips like the plague but I might just try this one make it look so easy though! x

sa said...
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katty said...
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