Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilt - part 2

Gee, I tell you what, this quilting malarkey is harder than it looks!
I have tried sooo hard to get these squares straight and even, and I know they are not!
So don't look too closely OK?
Terrible pictures, I know, but it's overcast and raining today!!! Yeah!!!

Here it is all pinned together. It's about 40" square so it will be nice as a lap quilt or on her bed.
I am going to hand quilt it like Annie did with her red and white quilt.
(with perhaps some flowers in the corners!)
I was going to add another border in a creamy white (if I could find it) around the edge but Hubby said it didn't need it and, if I did that, I would have to go hunting for wider backing or piece bits together for the back and blah, blah, blah, the quilt may have turned into a big fiasco. So, no, I have stuck with how it is now and I have a lovely piece of fabric for the back that blends in beautifully.
OK, so time to do the will be OK...won't it?
Here are some more Shabby Cottage Christmas Stockings which are available now at
Our Shabby Cotttage.
Mandii cleared me out last week so I thought I had better make some more.....Thanks Mandii!!
I have also made a couple of Ladies aprons, which would be wonderful presents for Christmas, and will be in the shop soon.
Kathryn. XX


Prim Prettys said...

Kathryn, these are just so sweet. I adore the quilt! It makes me want to try one of my own, although I might be best to stick with the Raggy ones...LOL. Can't wait to see it all finished!

Kerryanne English said...

Oh Kathryn, that quilt is going to be beautiful and you are getting it made so quickly too. Love the pretty shabby Christmas stockings too.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It all looks beautiful...Stockings,Quilt all of it!!!
My Sister is always carrying with her part of a quilt she is working on.

i cant sew said...

for your first quilt you are doing a great job! i couldnt begin to imagine how hard it is and i take my hat off to you. the stockings are to die for well done. enjoy the rain, brisbane has had enough! xxrosey

Stina said...

The quilt is going to be gorgeous...and sometimes it is best to do what you thought first and stick to that idea...:o)...and sometimes not... ;o)
Love your little stockings...lovely!!

clare said...

The quilt is looking beautiful .
Clare's Craftroom

Annie said...

Kathryn, it is looking just beautiful, and I'll tell you a secret ... I don't worry too much about getting things perfectly straight - if I did I would have given up years ago. I'm off to look at those lovely little christmas stockings in your shop.

Lindi said...

Your quilt is beautiful, Kathryn. I love the centre block you have done. Don't worry about any faults you see - others generally don't even notice them - and i generally find the faults become the most endearing quality. Your Grandmother will love it. As with all your things, the love of making it shines through.
Watch out, though! After your first quilt, you might just find that you have to make another, then another, then ......