Friday, January 2, 2009

A day late.....


I know I am a day late but we arrived home very late last night from a few days away in Melbourne. Every holidays we catch up with friends of ours who live in Melbourne. We all met in the UK when we were working and travelling many moons ago. It's always a wonderful few days full of laughter, food, wine and enjoyment. The only down side is we hardly get any sleep and end up like zobies the next day!!! But it's always worth it!We went for a lovely walk near their place to a park for the kids to have a play then over the bridge and up an old rail line that has been transformed into a walking path.......
From the path you can see incredible views of the city and surrounds....
The tall building you can see is the Eureka Tower. It is the worlds tallest residential building and has a glass bottom floor that you can walk on.
"The worlds only edge experience! A glass cube which projects 3 metres out from the building, with you in it - suspended almost 300 metres above the ground!" - from their website.
Sounds too scary for me......
Then we had a delicious BBQ, put the kids to bed and enjoyed New Years Eve!!!! We actually managed to stay up until midnight and beyond!!
4 hours of sleep later and we were woken up by the kids......
As I said earlier, Zombies!!
So, we ahd a restful day, took the kids to see "Bolt" which was really great. We all enjoyed it and Master 6 said it was the best movie he has seen!
So, take his word for it and take your kids to see it!
We arrived home about 9pm and to my surprise, I had a package waiting for me........from Marie!
I shall let you in on it next post!!!
Anyway, I hope 2009 brings you all joy, peace and happiness in your lives.
Kathryn. XX


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sounds lovely!
My middle child has never ever been to a movie....
Mabey if I can manage the three I will take them.
Miss two will make that challenging!!!
It sounds like a great time if a tiring time.

TattingChic said...

I have really enjoyed visiting your blog and the comments from you on my blog in 2008! Here's to many more to come in 2009!
Happy New Year!!!

Kerryanne English said...

That sounds like the perfect way to see in the New Year Kathryn.

Trust me, in a few years time when your kids are old enough to stay up until midnight you can do it as a family and then get to sleep in the following day....LOL

marie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
I'm so glad to know the package arrived!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Now my children are just itching to see that movie so now I can say I have it on good authority!
Happy New Year to you, it sounds like you had a nice mini break.
Happy to report Sleepy/Awake Babushka was happily received by smallest daughter from Santa( very clever that Santa) and has even been taken away in the caravan to the beach for a week....high kudos indeed!!
Have a lovely day, hope it is atad cooler than it has been here.
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage at home

Sarah said...

Hi Kathryn,
Glad to see that you had a great time away. What a great idea somebody had by turning that old railway line into a bike/walking path, looks like heaps of fun.
The Eureka building looks interesting, we are thinking of heading down to Melbourne sometime this year & I think it might end up on my list of places to visit.
Sarah xxx

Marilyn said...

Hi glad you had a nice break. I had a quiet one... my kids are coming for a late Chrissy next week, so another celebration then! Happy New Year to you all! Marilyn