Monday, October 26, 2009

Ductwork Spacemen.....

Only kids could think of this!!!! It is some of the ductwork for the central heating which still needs to be installed. We are settling into the house a bit better now. Master 7 isn't feeling as homesick for the old house now and is settling down for bed at night a bit easier. We have a few doors on now too - we can go to the loo in peace! My Dad came down for a few days last week and did a few more jobs for us - skirting boards, architraves, doors, door handles etc... Thank you Dad.
Continuing on from the Ductwork Spacemen above, here is a photo of the boys a few weekends ago at the Star Wars Exhibition at Science Works in Melbourne. Master 7 hated the crowds and just wanted to get out of there...until R2D2 "spoke" to him. The rest of us thought the exhibition was fantastic and loved every minute of it. If you get a chance to see it before it ends at the beginning of November, do, it was a great day out.
Now, getting away from the space theme....this was a "house warming" present from a lady we know. She gave us some money to buy something so we put it towards an original painting by Gail McCormack. I love Gail's paintings, they are so beautiful and very reasonably priced too. As well as originals, she has many prints, cards, mixed media and her husband, Tony, restores old furniture.
Now to crafting, I have been making a few things to stock up the shops for Christmas. I have also been thinking of doing a local market as well.....I need to think about it a bit more first.
I will leave you here with a little snippet of my favourite fabrics all piled, neatly, in my new sewing room cupboard!
Cath Kidston on the left and Rachel Ashwell on the right.......ah!
I haven't had a lot of time to visit you all lately but I will try and make some time this week.
Hope you are all well, Kathryn. XX


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ha...Your little guys are funny!
Glad to hear an update on all the house going on's...
How cool to have a sewing room with Fabric shelves eh??

A Market huh? Which one?
Mabey we could Market share with one another??
Just bought a funkly folding trestle for the school fete n the!

i cant sew said...

it all looks wonderful, your boys are so cute! i am slowly working towards a market stall... good luck you will be a hit!

marie said...

Sounds like things are moving along nicely. The painting is beautiful. I'm sure you have the perfect spot in mind for it too.
The boys look like they're having a grand time ~ they are so inventive!!

Kerryanne English said...

My youngest struggled too with the new house. Hope young master settles soon.

Aahhh... fabric shelves - fantastic!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

❦TattingChic said...

Your photo of your kids with that ductwork (is it a joint?) is hilarious! What creative imaginations!

Your housewarming gift is lovely! Gail McCormack's work is beautiful! I can see why you wanted one of her paintings for your new home! I hope you show it up on your wall when everything is put together!

That MOP buckle is so pretty. It looks like you've made a very pretty cuff there!

Fiona said...

So good to see thatthings are starting to settle down for you - Love the stash picture - Just gorgeous !

shabbydreaming said...

Love the kids they look like they are havin a blast!!
EEKKKSS DROOOOL!!!! look at all that beautful fabric!! Im in heaven!!

Danielle&Hannah said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny and cute~handsome! Who would ever think of Duct-men!~ :)

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Kathryn
Your boys are easily entertained!

I wonder what all those beautiful fabrics will be turned into - gorgeous creations by you no doubt

Thanks so much for the link

Have a great day


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Kathryn, This is the cuff I'm interested in..

Thank you-

Katrina Chambers said...

Your house is looking fantastic! Well done. It's award time over at my blog! Come on over! x