Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did that month go....???

I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post!
We really accomplished a lot in the 2 weeks prior to us moving in to the new house.
It still feels like someone else's place and not our own though!
We still have so much to finish off and we have made it our mission to do something to the house everyday.
Yesterday, I cleaned the awful stickers the window company insisted on glueing on to every window - not with glue that just peels off, the glue that sticks and takes ages to rub off.
Of course, it would have to be a man's idea.
So, let's see what we have been doing in the last month.....beware, lot's of photos!

This is the flat packed kitchen all stacked in the garage......

And this is most of it installed. We still have to put the glass cabinets over on the right hand wall and construct the bulkhead that will house the rangehood over the oven- on the left. The blackwood island bench needs to be oiled, the cornices finishing, the corbels and handles installed too.

The flooring - Bamboo- was (mostly) completed a few weeks before but the fireplace sheeting was only finished a few days before we moved in.

This is it now.
We are going to put stone all over the cement sheeting. The stone is man made here in Ballarat at a place called Rustic Stone.

The electricians were here.

Having a breather

The tilers were here too as well as the plumber, the carpet layer, the painter (me) and the general handyman (hubs). The poor boys were fobbed off a bit to friends and relatives so we could get things done in peace. They survived.

We also celebrated a birthday! Happy Birthday master....7!

And I keep telling everyone who comes to visit, that this room is the piece de resistance!
The sewing room in all its' messy glory! The first thing I did was to unpack all of the fabric and then set the machines up!

After not doing anything crafty at all for about 5 weeks I was eagre to get stuck in to something.
I recovered a couple of lamp shades for the boys rooms.

Cath Kidston London Icons fabric

And, I made a start on a new quilt to match the above lampshade for master 8. I think they were getting sick of curling up under flowery girly things!!!

I tell you, I am loving all of this space! I actually have somewhere to cut out my fabrics now!
And there is so much of this sort of thing lying around the house everywhere I look.
BUT, we are here and I feel so bloomin' lucky.
Thank you, and cyber smooches, to everyone who emailed to see how we were getting on.
Isn't bloggy land wonderful! It feels great to be back.
Kathryn. XX


Kate said...

The house looks fantastic!

Perri said...

Congratulations!! Hoping everything is settling down now and you can all feel at home soon!
Happy stitching, P

rachelmp said...

Hooray, hoooray! Looks fantastic Kathryn. Big sewing room envy here :)

Purple Pam said...

Glad you are in the new house. It will feel more comfortable to you soon. Don't you love all the space?

The Pink Poodle said...

dear kathryn..glad to have you back..
yes time flies when your having FUN or busy..
the house looks fantastic...
how exciting..
a new house..
new decorating..
I would be in 7th heaven..

xx andrea

marie said...

Kathryn ~ so glad to hear of the progress you've made. EVERYTHING looks simply divine! I love your kitchen so much and your sewing room is lovely...and already being put to good use. The lampshades are so fun. Again ~ everything looks wonderful!!

Happy Birthday to Master 7!!

Siobhan said...

Everything is looking exciting!!! Not too long now, wish I was you :)

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Kathryn glad you're back and well . The house looks fantastic . I really really love that light fitting !

Jodie said...

Hi Shabby, How exciting !!! Annie is off at camp - she will be sad to have missed your post !
It is all looking great and it is so nice to have you back in the real world

i cant sew said...

i was just thinking of you yesterday and here you are! keep on chugging young lady and you will be house proud in no time.

❦TattingChic said...

You are getting closer to being done all the time! It is looking great! Love the light fixture!

LoloDesigns said...

Yes didn't that month fly by! Am loving how the house is coming along, great you get such a lovely crafting space now! Good to see you back and look forward to more piccies of the house, well done you! x

Noémia said...

Heeeellooooo! I'm so glad you are back. And let me say
woooooooooooohh! What a lovely house. I don't will be surprise that you desapeared from blogoland another month. Now that's the worse part of the work is done,the best part began. It's so exciting put all things in place, creating...
I wish that you will be the most happy women of the eart in your new home!:)

Fiona said...

Great to see you back. Try Eucalyptus Oil on cotton wool to remove the stickers gum - It works a treat XX

Kerryanne English said...

I can't believe it has been a month since your last past - where DID that time go? Guess we are both busy unpacking.

It all looks fabulous... especially that sewing room. You are one up on me Kathryn. My studio STILL hasn't been started!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Kathryn, how exciting unpacking and decorating your new home! Yes, the first couple of days does feel funny waking up in a new place. Your home looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing the finished stone on your fireplace. Have fun! take care, Maryann

Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Kathryn your house looks great I bet you can't wait for it to be all finished and for everything to be in it's place. Take care Carol

SG said...

Congratulations!The new house looks great! See, I once told you all the work would be rewarded! Have fun!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Everything looks fabulous!!!! It's all so exciting!!!!

m ^..^