Thursday, November 26, 2009

A week of the house - day 4

I thought I'd take you upstairs today.
Most houses in Australia are bunglalows but with the ever decreasing size in our building blocks, a lot more people are building upwards.
Our block is quite large (1000msquared) but, because we wanted the steeper pitched roof, we decided to make the most of it and include a couple of rooms "in the roof".
The steeper pitched roof did add a bit onto the cost of the build, you have to allow for scaffolding etc..., and of course the extra labour of building it and finishing it off inside.
This is Hubs office. He does have a full time job but does a lot of work, for himself, at home.
At the old house we shared the third bedroom which was a nightmare, space wise. Although, it was nice to talk to one another in the evenings whilst working!
Looking back at the doorway and the little pop hole doorway into the roof space and a small storage area.

The office has a little balcony so that you can see who has come in the front door and, so we can communicate with one another without having to climb the stairs all the time.....
I am surprised that I haven't heard "Can you make me a coffee?" yet!

This is looking from the office to the guest bedroom.
This window is along the landing and allows light into the "vestibule".
Many angles up here - the plasterers had fun!The guest bathroom. The floor tiles look a bit yellowy in this photo but are the same as in the photo below. They were matching floor and wall tiles from Ballarat Tiles.
Shower recess.
The guest bedroom window. It has a really nice "nook" to sit and relax.
We have decided to get someone in to paint the upstairs. Yeah! hubs knows a few painters from work who may be interested. Fingers crossed!

The view from the guest bedroom window to the left......
.....and the right.
It is fantastic up here on a stormy night! We watched lightning a few weeks ago and it was amazing!
I hope you are enjoying the tour so far?
See you tomorrow with more, Kathryn. XX


Fiona said...

Having a fantastic time Kathyrn - Thanks for sharing

clare's craftroom said...

Kathryn it really looks beautiful !

Purple Pam said...

It looks like you are making great progress on the new house. I bet the boys love the new house and all the extra room. I'll also bet they are having contests to see who can get up and down the stairs the fastest, yes?

Kate said...

I am loving having a peek at your new house! It is beautiful.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oooooohhhh I do love that upstairs area...alot!

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, I am totally loving that upstairs of yours! Love the angled ceilings. They're so dramatic!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathryn!
DREAM HOME!!!!! i am loving this wonderful journey of yours,so excited for all of you.
Love Kristina XxX

Siobhan said...

I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE your home Kathryn! Love it to bits!!!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh! How cool! I have always wanted a room under the slant of the roof, like in old movies! Such fascinating details! I just love it all!

m ^..^

marie said...

It's all looking splendid Kathryn! I love the boys' bedrooms and the guest room window and view....on my!!