Friday, November 27, 2009

A week of the house - day 5

I'm a bit late in the day aren't I?
This morning I had to go to whole school assembly, then some much needed shopping - dreaded Christmas shopping at that. But, we had success, so that is a relief!
OK, on with the tour....
Hubs insited on having a French Door off our dining area which will lead to the alfresco area, eventually!
"How on earth are we going to keep the flies out then?" I asked.
"With a roll away door of course" said dear Hubs!
What on earth is a roll away door?
It is like a roller blind only vertical and it is made with fly wire! How cool is that!
Mind you, we have waited, and waited, and waited to have it made and installed.
But, it was worth the wait, it is fantastic.
I just hope the cat does not discover it......
The laundry fit out was also done by Kitset Kitchens and it has been hassle free and I love it.
We did the same colour combination as the kitchen.

This is a huge cupboard that will be the "drying cupboard" in Winter, once the central heating is installed. It will be great to have all washing away and out of sight.
The boys bathroom which we have all been using. I think it is the only finished room in the house, apart from a blind for the window.
Master 7's room
Master 8's room
The family room from the back sliding doors. We budgeted for some new furniture so there is a lovely new lounge suite on its' way.
The stone is being delivered for the fire place wall on the weekend. I know Hubs is itching to get this done.....pity he's not itching to do the painting....have I mentioned that I hate painting?
The bay window off the family room. This will have a window seat.
The back sliding doors. These are huge - consequently i can't find ready made curtains to fit it so I will have to make them. I have seen some beautiful curtain fabric at Lincraft which comes in just the fabric, ready made/ready to hang, and just the hem and hang variety.
So, we have a lot of options.
Having them made was just going to be way too expensive, and plus, I can sew right!!!!
See you tomorrow - outside.
Kathryn. XX


tales from an oc cottage said...

Why you are not "late in the day" at all! It's still Nov. 26th in my neck of the woods! ;} WOW! What a fabulous home you & the hubs have created! Such a HUGE undertaking...but how satisfying it must be!

m ^..^

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How cool is that slide away door...and that drying cupboard and the window where the seat will be...And....Ahhhhhh Did I mention I despise Painting too! Despise it!

jane ward said...

Really enjoying your tour, the house looks fab, what fantastic shinny floors too.Thanks for asking Kathryn, we have been ok but Cockermouth got it really bad, it's going to take a while to get back to normal.Well done with getting the house to look so homely.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Wow, loving the tour.
You have achieved sooo much.
This will be a beautiful home when finished.
Well done to you and hubby.

Kerryanne English said...

I've never seen those roll away screen doors but what a wonderful idea.
I'm certainly enjoying your tour Kathryn.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anna said...

Wow, I love the light in there!!! I love big windows. Your blog is very nice. You are very talented. God bless.