Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New face

My Website will be getting a new look over the next week or so. I have needed to streamline it for sometime now as it is so time consuming to list items.
I will be having a 'home' page with a link to my Etsy shop. Etsy works for me in so many ways. It is easy to list, cheap to run and it has great 'search' rankings. So stay tuned.

Also, having a new face is this 'Bella Doll' that I am working on.
It's the first embroidered face that I have done on a doll and I am unsure. I think she needs pupils?
Any comments welcome!
Kathryn. XX


sandra said...

Hi Kathryn, I think the eyes look good as they are. BUT if I had a choice I prefer the painted face on the Bella in the last post.

Anonymous said...

I think the eyes are great as they are. If you put in pupils that will give the direction in which she is looking & could be a bit wierd.This way she stays whimsical... JMO!!
Have a Peaceful Day!