Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Front room progress....

 Our Front room progress since we moved in, in 2010.
 We finally put some furniture in, in January this year.
 There is the footstool from yesterdays post.
 The furniture was from Early Settler.
 There is the front door and stairs. Yes...the walls are still not painted in our entry yet.
 This is an old 'money box', from the family's 'Wool and Skin' business that the O'Beirne's had many years ago, that we saved from the family sheds out at Linton.
And some gorgeous out of print 'Fragonard' fabric that I will make into some cushions.
So, there you have it - so far!
We still have to do the architraves around the window, hang curtains and pictures and we are waiting on our joiner (again) to get a display cabinet/bookshelf made for the far wall.
Slowly but surely.
Kathryn. xx

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