Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sewjourn Part 1...

What a wonderful weekend away I had with a fab group of girls at Sewjourn.
Yes, it seems like no time at all since we were all there last time in May.
Where has the year gone?
Lot's of sewing was had, of course, along with plentiful amounts of laughter, eating and drinking!
Sew....on with part 1 of my Sewjourn Sewathon....
This is another option on New Look 6803, the tunic top.
I started this one but didn't get to finish it until yesterday and I am wearing it today, hence it gets first showing.
 I have had this fabric for a couple of years and didn't quite know what to do with it - too much going on for a dress I thought, but this top seems to cope with the pattern.
 It was very easy to make although, I would make some changes if I were to make it again; 
I would put the pockets a bit further down, they seem a bit high,
 I also had to put 'splits' in the side seams as it was a bit tight around my hips.

The front facing actually turns to the front to make a really nice feature, however it was very low cut so I have had to put a few stitches in the lower opening so I don't flash everyone!
It would be nice in a contrasting colour too.
Overall, I am really happy with this top and it is really cool and comfortable. Just right for a spring day.

I am finally designing my wardrobe today, after 3 years with 'make do' hanging and bags of clothes in our WIR, it will be nice to be organised. Any tips for me?
Kathryn. XX


Nikki said...

Great to see it finished, Kathryn - gorgeous.

rachelmp said...

I didn't even see this one. Very cute and I need that pattern now too. Enjoy that new wardrobe

Tanya said...

I missed that one too! I love the tunic top- and I reckon the side splits look good.

Annie said...

Love it Shabs, I'm onto my second Tovak

Annie said...

That,s Tova!

Purple Pam said...

Nice top. Like the big pink flowers. So spring looking.