Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Look 6803

Sunday afternoon I decided to use this Amy Butler 'Nigella' home decor weight fabric for New Look 6803. Now, it's not my usual colour pallete, but I love it none the less.
The pattern itself is so simple in its' construction ie; no zip, a few darts and simple neck interfacing, and it was made in just over an hour.
 I have to say though, without the belt it does look like a bit of a sack.
 Simple, no zip
A couple of darts et voila!
It's very comfortable and will be great for summer.
What have you been making for summer?
Kathryn. xx


Nikki said...

Looks fab, Kathryn. That style is perfect on you! (I can neither wear sacks nor belted dresses so I'm a bit jealous).

Annie said...

I agree with Nikki, I love it Shabs, but may I respond to Nikki, "You can just drape any old piece of fabric over your cute little body, and look fabulous!" I think we are all jealous of that!!

Tanya said...

I love the neckline. It's great- how's the home decor weight- will that make it hot or just abit more formed? Either way, it really suits you- I like the colours!

Mrs. Lucky said...

I love the colour combination and the fabric in general. I can't believe this dress can be sewn in an hour or so. Great work!