Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collars....and a wardobe

I am loving the trend towards collars at the moment, I find they finish off this Simplicity 2599 top so nicely.
It is a pity the pattern doesn't come with a collared version.
I had to make this one up myself, by using the facings as a guide.
And, I have added the sleeves this time too; which I love as they seem to sit better than adding binding around the armholes to finish off (and they cover up the chunky arms). 
 I have made this top so many times the pattern has well and truly paid for itself. You can see the other versions here, here and here.
 Master 12 chose this fabric when he was with me at Spotlight. He said "This is really cool, buy this". So I did and it has been one of my favourite tops lately. Good job Master 12!
 I mentioned in my last post that we were having our wardrobes finally fitted after 3 years and here they are!
I'm only showing my side which has a lot more hanging space than Mr OSC's side and a lot more room for shoes!
Voila! I keep pinching myself every time I walk in!
Kathryn. xx


rachelmp said...

Cute, cute top and great taste for a 12 year old too.

Purple Pam said...

Great top. Your alterations made it very comfortable looking. Great closets; so organized already.