Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What a Princess...

Yes, I am still here and still sewing!
A Princess Cushion and TUTU Cute Hair clip holder, for a Facebook order.
I have been doing more sewing for myself lately, lot's of wardrobe staples!
I must take a few photos! Kathryn. xx

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New things for the shop....

My shop has been pretty quiet over the past year, I have scaled back and been doing more for my husbands business. But over the past few weeks I have managed to sew and make a few things for the shop in time for Christmas.
Handmade Polymer clay beaded necklaces....
 Awake/Asleep Matryoshka Dolls with quilt and pillow......

 Note book covers.....
 Jazzed up hand towels......
 Handbag Doorstops.....
And some more Christmas Stockings and lots more!
All can be found here.
Kathryn. xx

Monday, October 14, 2013

A quick refashion......

From a very boring navy blue long sleeve t-shirt from Big W (it was $6)
 Add 1.5 metres of red and white bias binding
And it's not so boring anymore.
Kathryn. xx

Friday, October 11, 2013

Onesie one and onesie two......

Meet 'Onesie One'.
Master 11 really, really, really wanted a Bear Onesie for his birthday, yes that IS what he wanted.
I managed to buy the polar fleece half price at Spotlight just before his birthday and was able to whip it up from a vintage pattern a friend lent me (Thanks Deb!).
It was easy to make especially on the overlocker.
He was thrilled to bits when he opened the package and put it on straight away....
OK, now let's meet 'Onesie Two', the Leopard. 
 This is Master 12 (soon to be 13).
The whole Onesie idea was actually his months and months ago, in fact I think it may have been last year. He was so green with envy that I took pity on him and we went shopping.......
I had the fur in my stash, so he scored! But now 'Onesie one' needs fur on his ears....
 Would you look at that tail!!!
He is offering belly rubs for $1 if you are so inclined; he made $2 the other day when the Grandparents were here!! Yes, he is selling his belly for money.
And, when he is at school or not looking I can wear it!!!
Kathryn. xx

Friday, September 27, 2013

Style Arc Laura dress......

Thanks to Rachel I have finally made a Laura Dress from Style Arc Patterns and I absolutely love it!
Super comfy, gotta love that!
Made with a lovely weight navy Ponte, it only took an hour and a bit from cutting to finishing.

 Should have ironed it before master 11 took the photos but just couldn't wait to wear it.

I topstitched all the seams and I think it turned out really well. I know I am sure to make a few more of this great pattern.
Kathryn. xx

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Kelly skirt..or the Kathryn skirt.....

I really loved the versions of the Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielson going around the web....
so I made my own.......
 I 'like' it but don't love it; I think it's the flat, no shape waist band that doesn't feel very comfortable (it's ok standing, but not when I sit down - must be the middle bulge thing.....
 And I think it needs to be a bit shorter? However, I do like my contrasting red polka dot pockets!
So I decided to make a different version because I really like the silhouette of the Kelly with the pleats and the front pockets......
Maybe I could call it the 'Kathryn'?
Nikki's A-Line skirt pattern came in handy for this because I used the waist pattern pieces because I know it sits well and is comfortable wearing.
I just cut them down so they weren't as deep. I put a back zipper in so I didn't have to do all those button holes.
The fabric was offcuts from my Mum who made some work overalls for Dad about oh, um, 35 years ago....Whaaaat?
Then I saw this fabulous skirt on ModCloth and had to make another in green!! 
 It's a lovely light weight silky fabric (half price at Lincraft a while back) which I had to line so I didn't have to wear a petticoat.
(so old fashioned but there is nothing worse than seeing straight through someone's dress, yes?)
 I added the tie and the tie catchers and did the invisible zip at the back, Nikki would be proud!!!
So I have quite a few Spring/Summer wardrobe pieces now; they all mix and match and cost next to nothing. Yay!
Kathryn. xx

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simplicity 1808...pants

YES! Bring on the Spring wardrobe!!! No more black for me....
I bought Simplicity 1808 months ago, when Spotlight had Simplicity patterns on sale for $5, and from the moment I saw it I just had to make the pants.
But what's not to like about the jacket, the knit top and the knit dress too?
Mix and Match comfort pieces is a winner in my book. 
Since making up the pants I have seen this style in the shops, in catalogues and blogs but in some really great prints.
I made them up in a very light weight denim; they crease quite a bit but I'm OK with that.
The elasticated waist is wonderfully comfy. I love the construction of the pockets and the instructions were easy to follow.
If I made them again I would omit the front ties, I had to stitch them down to make it sit nicely - otherwise they'd bulge and nobody wants a bulge if they don't have to right?
 The back is not all that appealing (could be my derrier!) but I'll be wearing a top over it so it won't be a drama.
I would definitely make these again, perhaps in a crazy print?
Kathryn. xx


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guest Bedroom Finished!

Yeah, it only took nearly 4 years to get done, but hey just look at the transformation.....



Phew, huge sigh of relief to have this done and dusted, it took for ever! I seriously don't know how they do it on TV....It needs a few more homely touches but we'll get there.
Kathryn. xx

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sew Despicable........

Last week my boys went to see 'Despicable Me 2' and loved it, they said it was much better than the first one.
More hilarious and crazy 'Minions' made all the difference.
So, my eldest (12) had a bee in his bonnet to make a minion.
Here is what he came up with.

He came up with the design by himself, I then helped him create a 'pattern', he cut everything out, then sewed it all together with only minimal help from me.
What an awesome job he did.
What a proud Mum; my boy can really sew!!!
Kathryn. xx