Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trip Goodies...

Well, even though I don't like it when Mum and Dad go away (I miss them), I do like it when they come home bearing gifts. Let's face it who doesn't like recieving a gift when it's not your birthday or Christmas? Yep, thought so.... :)

As promised, yesterday, I shall show you my goodies.. I like to collect red telephone boxes so they bought home a tin of teabags in a red telephone money box!

I also requested a few tea towels of the London Underground Map. I am going to transform two of them into cushion covers!

And finally, my parents know me so well, they bought me some "Opal" earrings. Shh... don't tell anyone but those Americans are so clever they have learnt how to create the Cubic Zirconia of Opals! Yes, they are similated opal but they look so real don't you think?
I'm not telling if you aren't!

Well, I'm off to dream up something new to make... bye for now,


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