Sunday, January 4, 2009

I saw RED....

As my Kris Kringle present this year, I received a voucher for Spotlight.
I thought it was great and I would have no trouble spending it. I was wrong. I decided to buy something for the new house (which incidently is beginning in a few weeks, YIPPEE!!). So, I mooched around for ages in this vast store and came across a great red coffee canister.
OK, that was half spent...then I spied some really great red cherry oven mitts. Done!!!!
Got home, snipped the tags off and took them for their first test run. OUCH! (Red again)
They were DUDS and were NOT heat resistant. I learnt the hard way...
So, off I toddled back to Spolight, with receipt in hand, and I was duly given a refund, which I then spent on a matching red tea canister...which I probably should have done in the first place....
Anyway, with no oven mitts now, I dedided to make my own..(with insul bright by the way!!) in this gorgeous Cath Kidston "Classic Rose" cotton Duck fabric in red.
Isn't it wonderful! They do work and they are heat resistant!!With the scraps I made some red fridge magnets....
Here are the red coffee and tea canisters...
...and the red cake tin to match, which I bought ages ago last year from Spotlight too.
The tin on the left is from Big W and I found it just before Christmas. I loved it straight away because it reminds me of Copenhagen.
Oh, and it has chocolate chip biscuits inside, another bonus!!
I love red in the Kitchen, do you?
Kathryn. XX


Lady Hopwood said...

I once bought a 'handle protector' for using with cast iron pans. It was wonderful and very heat resitant, although the day I left it on a pan on the hob I learned that the binding was NOT flame resistant! - Grrrrh!

However, I LOVE your new oven mitts, they are nicer than any I have ever owned :-)

i cant sew said...

wow you made those oven mitts? they are great you are on talented lady. i will have to post a pic of the gorgeous oven mitt i picked up from spot light the other day and it is not a dud and it is even a totally different design than any other. more like a sock puppet style with a protective silicone part where your hand touches the hot stuff. will post some other time.
%*_*% rosey

mandapanda said...

These are just fabulous! I love the canisters. Have you ever thought about making a "plastic bag holder" to go with them? You know, one of those drawstring ended ones that you put all your unused plastic bags into for the garbage bin? (I bought one from Spotlight on special. It had red apples all over it! I also made one for my mum that's shaped and looks like a log.) Oh and maybe a red vase and dishtowels, then your set will be complete! :) But I really love the magnets!!

CurlyPops said...

Your home made oven mitts are much more lovely anyway. I'm a big fan of red in the kitchen. I have a gorgoeous red scale for baking.

rachelmp said...

Love your canisters and your cute, cute oven mitts!

marie said...

I absolutely LOVE RED in the kitchen!! It's the cheeriest of colors I think ~ I have splashes of it everywhere!

I love how you've used it in your home. the cannisters are super and your oven mitts are too!

Kerryanne English said...

I bet your home made oven mitts are a 'zillion' times nicer than anything store bought Kathryn.
Won't it be nice to put these new things in your brand new house when it is complete.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh dear! Not good bout the ouchies but the ones you made look terrific!
I love the red !
My Girlfriend just built a new house with a red Kitchen with bbeige Mushroom accents....Beautful and it won't date she has designed it so well.
Keep us posted about the new house..... sounds exciting!

bekimarie said...

As I was tidying up yesterday I noticed just how much red I had around the place and was thinking doing a post on it myself.
I do love red!
Your oven mitt is fab, aren't you clever!
Take care
Beki xxx

MelMel said...

I love the oven gloves....and the magnets...xx

The Rose Room said...

Well I just love red, full stop! Love your own mitts and fridge magnets, gorgeous! Happy New Year! Rachaelxo

496daryl said...

Happy New year to you as well, daughter is 30 today.
You are only a spring chicken and a very GOOD friend with you comming into my life has helped so much you just carnt put the word friend in easy as they mean sooooo much.
As you know I love all your things and have to live on bread and water till my next pension as I buy from you all the time. LOL
Love tou you and your family and thankyou for writting on my blog have just worked out how to do others YEA
Not so MS sick anymore at least the brain is still working.
Well better go as this have taken nearly 45 mins to write.
Talk soon Wednesday to let you know that money has been put in. Soon you will be able to go to Paris for me and get me a eiffel tower, if I keep spending LOL
Luv to you all
Cheers Lynda

Anonymous said...

I have a real fettish for red in the kitchen at the moment - it's lovely

Lucy Bloom said...

Oh I love red too - I'm always on the lookout when thrifting but don't seem to find much red - must be popular! Great job on the oven mits,
Lucy x

MelMel said...

Wish i was going to the cold here today....was wearing sheepskin boots!

suz said...

I love your oven mitts but they look too pretty to use! The new cannisters are lovely. I'm a green person, mostly, but I've noticed I've been adding touches of red throughout my kitchen. Red just perks everything up.

Kali said...

Love all your goodies, and even bought the tea/coffee/sugar cannisters in cream just before Chrismtas. I sure love red in the kitchen too. I never was drawn much to it, but in the last few years have come to adore it more and more.
I have a red Kitchen Aid coffee machine which was my birthday present and this Christmas I finally got my red Kitchen Aid's divine and makes me smile every time I walk past it :)

The Vintage Rose said...

Red as an accent in the kitchen is fabulous! I had that in my last home even with red in my picture/feature tiles. Now I've softened to pink, as I'm really into pink roses. Your handmade oven mitts are just gorgeous! and I'm sure your new kitchen will be too! I can see you are having fum gathering things and anticipating!!!